Perfect Partial Wraps

2012 Hyundai Accent A Sharp “Canvas” for a Partial Wrap

While we may be “partial” to full wraps, a “partial” wrap of your vehicle can perfectly meet your needs as well.

We thought the color of these two cars so perfectly complimented the graphics that this was a case where you’d have to think twice before you realized the whole car wasn’t wrapped.   This certainly is an excellent example of a true “partial wrap” as opposed to vehicle “graphics” which tend to be a simple decal or cut vinyl phone number.

All the pertinent information is still there, as well as the famous caricature of “Brandon”, our area’s only certified termite detection “real life” working dog.

So if you’re exploring whether or not you need a full vehicle wrap, we recommend you consult with your designer and determine if a partial wrap might meet your needs.  Once you determine your art and if it is going to be a new vehicle, make sure the color of your new vehicle compliments your graphics.  We think Brandon Pest Control and their design team at Caraway Grammel & Associates did a very effective job of creating a seamless “look” by paying close attention to their coloration and graphics!


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