Dimensional Letters to Match Existing Attorney Signs in San Marco

Existing Attorney Signs in San Marco that Henry Gare's Needed to Match

Next to knowing I’m going to see water if I drive 10 minutes in any direction, the second thing I love most about Jacksonville are its distinctive and defined “neighborhoods”. Say San Marco, Riverside, Avondale, San Jose, Arlington, Saint Nicholas to a local and it is instant recognition of exactly where you’re doing business or going.

So we were delighted to be called by Henry Gare, Attorney at Law, about his relocation to San Marco and need of a brand new sign.

Since there were already two other attorneys in Mr. Gare’s new offices, we needed to try to make his sign match the ones that were already there. As was said in “My Cousin Vinny”, it needed to “blend”. 🙂

The challenge is to “match” signs that have already been weathered in the sun and elements, and using the same or very very similar materials when we were not the folks who made the original signs.

So armed with our tape measure and paint swatches, we went with 1/4″ acrylic dimensional letters and a substrate of 3/4″ PVC.  Carlton painted the “board” and the faces of the dimensional letters.  Our fabricator provided us with a stencil for accurate placement of the letters on the PVC. 

Back room at First Coast Signs transformed temporarily from a vehicle wrap area to a workshop.




We also had to pay attention to how the other two signs were mounted so that we could “match” how that was done as well.




End result?  Mr. Gare was wonderful to work with and understood that while we would do our best to match the existing signs as closely as possible, his sign was still going to look “newer” than his fellow tenants.  We suspect after a summer in our Florida sun, the signs will be a spot on match!

Matching "New" to "Existing"
Matching "New" to Existing


Please think of First Coast Signs if we may ever be of assistance with YOUR new sign, external or internal!  Thank you Henry Gare!

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